Beticrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar

Repair Mortar for concrete coated pipes

Beticrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar

Beticrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar

Beticrete Mortar

Rapid Set Repair Mortar for concrete coated pipes

Beticrete Mortar is a rapid hardening, trowelling grade mortar which gives a high strength non shrink patch to damaged concrete. It is mixed with water using a trowel and bucket for small non structural repairs. It quickly sets to form a shrinkage compensated patch with excellent resistance to corrosion in the marine environment.


A premixed rapid hardening cement mortar containing plasticisers and set control additives, and bonding agents. It is available in 25Kg and 1.0 Tonne big bags. The maximum aggregate size is 4 mm.

The product was used on the Langeled project in the North Sea by Stolt Offshore on the LB200 laybarge, as a patching mortar for minor repairs to concrete coated pipe.

The product requires only the addition of water on site, and mixing and placing using conventional concrete plant, or a trowel and bucket for small repairs. At low ambient temperatures the rate of hardening will be slowed. However this can be compensated for by the use of warm water to gauge the mix.

Typical Results obtained at 20ºC to BS.S 1881 - Initial Set 10 minutes
Compressive Strength MPa
Flexural Strength MPa
60 mins
75 mins
24 hrs
2 years
Density    2200 Kg/M3
Water addition 8%  -  80ml per 1 Kg

Variations in temperature will affect the rate of hydration and subsequent strength gain. As a general rule a 10ºC rise in temperature will double the rate of strength gain. As a result the product should be stored at 20ºC or higher and clean water of drinking quality used at 20ºC or above. It should be taken into account that in cold weather when carrying out small repairs that even when using warm water hydration may be slowed as the concrete coating on the pipe acts as a heat sink.

Guide To Strength Development At Differing Ambient Temperatures
Ambient Temp ºC
Water Temp ºC
15 mins
30 mins
1.5 MPa
7.5 MPa
11.2 MPa
15.8 MPa
10.0 MPa
15.2 MPa
18 MPa
23 MPa
Water addition 8% under laboratory conditions.


The site engineer or suitably qualified person should first decide if the damaged concrete on the pipe is suitable for repair, and that no damage has occurred to the primary corrosion coating. The concrete should be cleaned back to a sound rough surface and thoroughly wetted down with clean water before applying the mortar. It should be firmly pressed in to place to exclude any air The Beticrete mortar should be mixed with water at an addition of 8 to 10% by weight, and applied to the prepared concrete surface within 5 minutes of mixing. Full details are given in the appropriate Method Statement.


The premix is not classified as an Irritant . However contact with body fluids (ie. sweat and eyes) should be avoided as it can cause irritation, cement burns or dermatitis. Affected areas should be cleaned by washing with plenty of clean water, and if material enters eyes seeking medical advice. Suitable PPE should be worn, and the client should carry out a risk assessment of the operation.

Refer to the product material safety data sheet.

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