Beticrete Rapid Setting Concrete Infill

field joint protection to concrete coated pipelines

Infill concrete for use over girth weld joints

Beticrete Rapid Setting Concrete Infill

Fibre Reinforced Infill concrete for use over girth weld joints

Beticrete is the answer to field joint protection to concrete coated pipelines. Unlike conventional concrete it produces consistent rapid high strength gain. It is non toxic and non flammable giving considerable safety and cost advantages over resins and mastic systems It is simple to mix, quick to apply, and durable. The product can be manufactured with steel fibres which allow the user to cast the joint without the need for fixing of reinforcement and maintains cathodic protection.

Projects which can benefit from use of Beticrete:

Beticrete is based on a blend of hydraulic cements, aggregates and set control additives. The strength development can be easily controlled on site to speed up the process where required by simply adjusting water mixing temperature.

Once mixed the product flows into the mould and hardens rapidly. Depending on the application a re-usable mould can be employed or a bio-degradable mould left in situ. No sheet metal is left over the pipe, which can corrode, or break away and prove a hazard to inspection, divers and fishing nets when used in the marine environment.

Typical results with water and product at an ambient temperature of 20 deg. C are given below. ACS can provide assistance in increasing strength gain if required to meet the particular job requirements, and material can be designed with a variety of aggregate and fibre types to match the application.

Typical Results obtained at 20oC to BS.S 1881
Compressive Strength    N/mm2
Flexural Strength    N/mm2
60 mins
24 hrs
28 days
Note: 1 N/mm2 = 1 Mpa = 145 psi
Density 2400 Kg/M3
Water addition 6.5%
Yield 0.44Lts per Kg
1.625 Lts per 25 Kg bag

Beticrete can be used straight from the bag with only the addition of water. It can be mixed in conventional concrete mixing plant. On larger projects the Beticrete can be placed using concrete pump mixers and dry shotcreting equipment. When pouring into the mould or former external or poker vibrators should be used to ensure maximum compaction.

The alkalinity and resistivity of the hardened concrete do not interfere with the cathodic protection of the pipeline. The base concrete has undergone extensive trials at CAPCIS Manchester and passed the severe Impact Hammer Tests.

Beticrete typically has a placed density of 2400 Kg per cubic metre, however Iron Ore can be blended into the premix so that the density matches the rest of the concrete coating. This forms a continuous concrete coat which dramatically reduces the potential for differentials within the coating and gives uniform stiffness. Beticrete can be supplied in bags sized from 25Kg up to 1.5 Tonne big bags.


The premix has a cementitious base which is not classed as Irritant, and gives a reduced likelihood of contact dermatitis when compared with resin and Portland Cement based systems. Chrome sensitisation by Chromium Vi is not considered a problem with this blend of cements, which has the added advantage of giving a longer shelf life, up to a year in dry under cover conditions. However, all precautions should be taken to avoid skin and body contact. A full risk assessment should always be carried out.

Refer to the product material safety data sheet.

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