Beticrete Ultra Grout


Rapid Hardening, High Strength, Shrinkage Compensated Grout


Applications include:

Typical Results to BS1881 at 20oC using 40 x 40 x 160 mm prisms

Compressive Strength
M.Pa (N/mm2)
1 Hour
Working time: 10 minutes
1.5 Hours
24 Hours
5 Days
43 Days
Density: 2300 Kg/M3

Its high flowability and fine graded fillers make it suitable for grouting gaps in the range of 2mm up to 120mm. The formulation produces a shrinkage compensated mass, which ensures maximum contact in the stress zone and the fine fibres within the mix increase ductility. By reducing the water content a trowellable mortar can also be produced. The material is based on a highly modified blend of hydraulic cements. This gives the advantage that conventional concrete and mortar mixing plant and tools can be used, and equipment can then be cleaned in water before set has occurred. On health and safety grounds the product is not classified as Irritant, Toxic or Flammable. In general handling precautions should be taken as with normal OPC based blends, although Ultra Grout is considerably less alkaline and is not subject to the Chromium VI legislation. It is a one hit grouting solution as it does not require any subsequent application of fire retardant, and can be used as a finished surface.

Mixing and Placing

The area to be grouted should be broken back to a sound base, and thoroughly flushed out with clean water. This ensures that all dust and debris is removed without creating more dust, and wets down the surface to reduce suction and promote bonding. When used as a grout, pour the pre-measured cool clean water (approx. 10 to 12 % addition, 2.2 to 2.6 lts per 22 Kg bag) into a clean dry bucket. Slowly add the pre-blended powder into the water and mix for 2-4 minutes with a paddle mixer. A high flow grout is produced with a working time of approximately 10 minutes. The mixed grout should be poured immediately into the area according to good grouting practice, to ensure that air is displaced from under the sleeper or pit block. The finished surface does not require subsequent application of curing systems or fire retardant. Tools can be cleaned by scraping and washing in water before material has set. Unlike resin based systems the empty bags and discarded mixing buckets are not considered as special, or hazardous waste. Dispose of waste according to local regulations.

Technical Details

ACS Ultra Grout is a complete pre-blended dry powder system, requiring only the addition of water on site. Long term test data on shrinkage compensation is available.

The above results were obtained with a water to grout ratio of 0.12. At higher temperatures the rate of strength gain is increased. In order to ensure that the high early strengths are achieved, the ambient temperature should be 5oC or greater, and water and product should be stored in frost-free conditions.

Storage Material should be kept dry and free from frost. All bags are batch coded to include date of manufacture. The product is not subject to the 60 day shelf life restrictions imposed on OPC based grouts under EC Legislation. The product is not subject to flammable storage regulations

Health and Safety The manufacturers have not identified any components which would alter the advice given to users of normal OPC based mixes in terms of dust control, and the wearing of masks, goggles and gloves. The wet product is considerably less alkaline in nature than OPC products (pH 10.3 average). Although not classified as irritant, contact with grout either as a dry product or wet mix should be avoided. If such contact occurs, wash the affected area with clean, cool water. In case of eye contact wash out with clean cool water, if irritation persists seek medical advice. See the separate MSDS for full details before making a COSHH assessment.

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