flexible resilient concretes

a flexible protective coating to metal surfaces

Betiflex Flexible Concrete System

For Protective Coatings

Betiflex is a range of formulations which produce flexible resilient concretes. They are tailor made depending on the application and strength grade required. They can be applied from 3 mm up to 300mm, and are designed accordingly, to give excellent adhesion and deflection characteristics.

The product was originally developed to provide a flexible impact absorbing coating to metal surfaces. It exhibits excellent adhesion, and produces a tough chemical resistant layer over the substrate.

It is significantly less expensive than neoprenes and polyurethanes on a weight to weight basis.

Method Statement for individual mixer types are available.

All tools and equipment can be washed in water. The client should carry out a full risk assessment based on the Material Safety Data Sheet.

We would be pleased to discuss your project requirements and to design a bespoke Betiflex flexible concrete solution for your project.

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