Beticrete Ultra Flowfill Instant concrete

Mixing Ultra Flowfill instant concrete

a high strength concrete in hours

does not come under chromium vi legislation

 aggregate or recycled crushed concrete

Beticrete Ultra Flowfill Instant concrete for remote locations.

Ultra Flowfill is a self compacting grout system enabling rapid installation of concrete in areas restricted by time, labour and available plant. Mixed with water it is poured over an aggregate bed to produce a high strength concrete in hours.

Contractors can use aggregate 5 mm and above giving greater flexibility in sourcing the bulk of the concrete. The aggregate can be local or imported to site Batching plants or large scale mixing equipment is not required making it ideal for use on remote sites. The highly flowable polymer modified cement grout encapsulates and consolidates aggregate or rock backfill where it hardens rapidly to produce a high strength concrete at depths up to 400mm.

Ultra Flowfill has demonstrated the following advantages, when compared with conventional concrete:

Typical Laboratory Results For Standard Blend
Material mixed for 2 minutes, with water addition of 21% (5.2 litres per 25 Kg bag), non vibrated. Laboratory at 20C.
Product poured over 20 mm shingle.
Average Density : 2400 KG per cubic Metre
Compressive Strength (MPa)
1 hr
1 hr 30 mins
7 days
72 hrs
14 days
1 year
 all on  100 mm cubes which have been air stored.

Results from site installations are available together with further long term test results.

Tests have also been conducted on the pure grout binder with results as follows:
Density 2200 Kg/M3 on 40 x 40 x 160 mm prisms.
Compressive Strength (MPa)
1 hr
1 hr 30 mins
72 hrs


If placing on to an existing concrete base then it should be broken back or scabbled to produce an exposed aggregate finish. The area should be thoroughly wetted down to remove dust and to reduce suction. Shutters are installed, and sealed to prevent grout loss. Shutters should be coated with a mould release agent where a high quality finish is required. If required pre fabricated reinforcement can be include in the design. The shutters are then filled with shingle, rock or crushed concrete to level approximately 5 to 10mm below required top surface. Wet down the fill thoroughly with water before pouring on Ultra Flowfill. The grout can be continuously mixed using a suitable mixer pump, where water cement ratio is automatically pre set.

When using a paddle and bucket to mix, pour all the water in (5.25 Litres per bag) and slowly add whole bags of grout. Mix for 1min 30 secs to 2 minutes until homogenous and fluid. Pour onto prepared shingle in shutter from one point. Continue as necessary until full. A poker vibrator is not essential but may be used to rotate the aggregate and release any potential trapped air when using poor quality rock fill. On canted sections fill to level and then place final mix with reduced water to give a stiffer consistency.

Method Statement for individual mixer types are available.

All tools and equipment can be washed in water. The client should carry out a full risk assessment based on the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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