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Beticrete launch Betiwrap composite pipe repair system for damaged and corroded steel pipes.

Launches of BETICRETE HIGH FLOW (AFG) annular filling grouts and BETICRETE TRENCH WRAP for complete in the ditch rock protection.

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Pipeline protection joint infill concrete

Beticrete Special Grouts and Concretes

Beticrete Special Grouts and Concretes

Since 1996 Applied Concrete Systems have been working with clients to provide bespoke rapid setting, high strength blended concretes and mortar systems for the utility, construction and pipeline industry.

We are at the forefront of development within the field of cement, concrete and grout solutions where standard materials are not capable of meeting the rigorous requirements of the application.

The Beticrete range has been developed to permit rapid return to service and high strengths when mixed and applied on site. The products are corrosion resistant in contaminated or aggressive soils and in the marine environment.

We produce novel solutions which are technically advanced and permit their use in time, strength and environmentally sensitive applications. Our blends are available in packaging to suit the application, and not classed as hazardous, making them easy and quick to apply.

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The Beticrete range of products illustrates our ability to provide clients with solutions which accomplish safety in use, economy, and durability. They require only the addition of water, and where necessary mixers to produce consistent high spec material.

As an option formulations can be supplied with recycled waste materials as aggregates, thus decreasing the carbon footprint of the project, and allowing specifiers to address environmental concerns.

Our work with utility and transport authorities has produced concrete materials which replace epoxy and polyester resin systems, thus overcoming health and safety, fire resistance and economic considerations.

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